Will We Dance With IRMA?

We’ve had many calls about our hours and Hurricane Irma.  As of today, Thursday 9/7…there is still a lot of uncertainty on it’s direction.  I have no intentions of evacuating unless Irma decides to sit on Melbourne.  So expect us to be open at the least until midnight Saturday.  After that, it will depend on the City of Melbourne closing beachside, restricting my ability to get home.  Following the storm, I intend to be back open as soon they let me off beachside.  If need be, I will be handwriting labels until power is returned.  Please check back here as I will post updates if I do close the store and also when I open back up.  Delivery service may be affected if my staff decides to evacuate the area, so please excuse the interruption of our normal service.  Stay safe, act smart and we will see you on the other side of the storm!


John Abramo

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