Happy 1 Month Anniversary Night Owl!

Night Owl Pharmacy 1 month anniversary

Our 1 month anniversary is finally behind us.   Inventory has been stocked and loaded into the system…we are still squashing some determined bugs out of the pharmacy software…and the insurance companies are starting to turn us on.  The only holdouts are Optum RX, due any day now…Medicaire, no date estimate yet, and finally Medicaid which seems to be on a path to forever.

Both of our spotlight products, Australia Bar Soap and Marvis Toothpaste have been very well received.  We hope to be able to get a hold of the 3 new Limited Edition flavors Marvis is releasing in the next week.  As soon as we have them in stock I will post flavor reviews.  Get your teeth ready for Royal, Karakum and Rambas!  ROYAL is an elegant blend of zesty Italian lemon oil, tangerines, fragrant rose extract and nutmeg.  KARAKUM is a sophisticated Persian combination of the finest peppermint with the sweetness of orange juice and aromatic cardamom.  RAMBAS takes you to an exotic beach and mixes ripe peaches, sweet pineapple and Alphonso mango…is it a toothpaste or a margarita!??  I know a few of these are really “out” there for flavors and I will try and get some samples out of my supplier, but rest assured, myself and my staff will taste each one and give our opinions.  Stop in and hear me rave about the black licorice flavor that I convinced my wife into using…and she NEVER listens to me!

Stand by for our Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting to be announced soon!

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