We will remain open until forced to quarantine our staff, for your safety.

Our hours are remaining the same, every day from 4pm to 5am. Our deliveries are still running from 6pm to 3am for RX’s ONLY. The high demand for deliveries has put a strain on our ability to reach all patients. Please understand, this is a 1 pharmacist operation and due to a loss of staff, 1 delivery driver for most nights. The phone system will force you to leave a voicemail after a few rings as I’m usually running back and forth from filling Rx’s to the cars out front. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Please remain distant from others and YELL at me if I get too close to your car window…I will surely yell at you if you get too close to me!!! Once I or someone on my staff test’s positive I will close the store for isolation protocol and not reopen until at least I, the pharmacist, am able to come back and help patients knowing I am not going to spread the virus any further.