John Abramo


At 4PM Monday the 11th we will be BACK OPEN.  Our delivery services are still suspended at this time but the doors are open and the lights are on!   Hope you all made it through as easy as we have, John & Staff

Closing at 9AM Friday 9/7

Well, the time has come.  They are starting mandatory evacuation Friday afternoon which will prevent me from returning home afterwards so the store will be closing at 9AM Friday morning.  Tonight we are operating as usual…delivery service is still available until 5AM.  Please call with any questions or concerns…medical, not… Read More »Closing at 9AM Friday 9/7

Will We Dance With IRMA?

We’ve had many calls about our hours and Hurricane Irma.  As of today, Thursday 9/7…there is still a lot of uncertainty on it’s direction.  I have no intentions of evacuating unless Irma decides to sit on Melbourne.  So expect us to be open at the least until midnight Saturday.  After… Read More »Will We Dance With IRMA?