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24 Hour Pharmacy

We are not a 24 hour pharmacy, YET!  The idea of Night Owl came about after so many big box chain drugstores in the area, mainly CVS and Walgreens, decided to close a majority of their 24 hour pharmacy stores.  Now don’t be fooled, most of the stores still say they are open 24 hours …but not the pharmacy, just the store front!  There used to be 7 stores open all night from Palm Bay up to Viera.  Four were Walgreens and 3 were CVS.  There is now only one left, the store on Eau Gallie and Wickham.  That was my store from when it opened in 1997 and I was the pharmacy manager.  I went to the overnight shift around 2000 and quit the company 14 years later.  Both chains have closed so many 24 hour pharmacies, you have to drive south to Port St. Lucie or North to Cocoa Beach to find any other stores open.  It was already inconvenient enough to find a place nearby in the middle of the night, now they have made it almost impossible.

 We are offering a location that is central to both Palm Bay and Viera.  Night Owl Pharmacy is located 0.4 miles from Holmes Regional and 5.6 miles away from Palm Bay hospital.  We will try to deliver as far as we can while still maintaining a normal turnaround time.  Nobody wants to wait an hour for a delivery at 2AM.  We will also be delivering to beachside…something customers have needed for over a decade.  Don’t forget…both prescriptions and over the counter items can be sent to your home, your job or even your bedside at the hospital.  We also offer free flavoring for oral medications…not $2.99 like the big box chains.  The faster we grow, the sooner we will be the next 24 hour pharmacy. 

Night Owl Pharmacy is here to help.

“because your health can’t wait until morning”