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Marvis Toothpaste
Proraso, Fine & Black Ship Grooming Co. Shave Products
Wavertree & London Australian Soap Bars
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FREE Medication Flavoring

Whether it’s the pill or the will, for children, taking their medicine can be a bitter pill to swallow, but it goes down a little easier when it’s their favorite flavor. Flavors like bubble gum or banana could be the key to getting a child to take their medications.

Overnight Delivery

Spike a fever at 2AM? Did you crawl to the medicine cabinet to find your medication expired 3 years ago? Being sick doesn’t mean your left for dead…give us a call. We deliver to greater Melbourne and surrounding areas. There is a $10 minimum and a $2 delivery fee.

Hospital Delivery

Has your day ended with a four hour stint in the emergency room? Have your prescription sent to Night Owl Pharmacy before your discharge and have it delivered to you before you leave the hospital. Get home faster and let the healing begin sooner.

Free Blister Packaging

The weekly pill reminders are a great way to organize your drug regimen. But they take time to fill every week…can be confusing for some…they can spill and get mixed up. Why not let us take care of it for you. FREE! Packs can be assembled in a four week card or a 30 day pill card. Sealed at the pharmacy for accuracy and a perfect way to tell if Mom or Dad are taking their pills every day as they should. Speak with the pharmacist for any special packs like 60 or 90 day dosing along with multi meds per pack.

Rx Compounding

The ability to combine one or more chemicals into a new preparation is the unique domain of a compounding pharmacy. Our pharmacist combines art and skill to create new formulations and unique dosage forms that were previously unavailable.

Med Sync

Medication Synchronization helps our pharmacy consolidate and coordinate a patient’s prescriptions so they can all be refilled on the same day each month, improving patient adherence and revolutionizing pharmacy operations. Not only do you eliminate multiple trips to the store each month, but you improve you health with better adherence to drug therapy.

Affordable Pricing

Did you think your insurance company was giving you the most affordable option? Come ask us for a price quote…you will be amazed at our prices versus insurance copays and chain pharmacies.

Mobile APP for iOS or Android

Both our website and mobile app include features like refill requests, user-editable content and push notifications, all while connecting to the pharmacy software. It’s not just a refill request email, you will actually SEE your profile and be able to select refills off your prescription profile history.

First Aid and Wound Care

We stock a complete line of would dressings, abdominal pads, wraps, splints, steri-strips, Tegaderm film, medical adhesive tapes. Please call for any special order items we may not carry.

Video Drug Detail Info

Go Green

– Paperless Patient Education


  • better for patients
  • better for pharmacies
  • better for the earth

Patients can quickly and conveniently access thousands of medication-specific videos in the MedsOnCue library by clicking on a link in an email or text message, or by scanning a QR code printed on prescription labels and patient information sheets. Videos are availible in English or Spanish.QR code example

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Dec, 2017


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The staff and myself at Night Owl would like to wish you and your families a happy holiday season!  Try not to stress too much...don't let the shopping get to you...and in case you have a need, we will…



Sep, 2017


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Well it took quite some time to get it registered with Apple but Night Owl's Mobile Refill App is now up on both iTunes and Google Play.  The bottom of our main page will give you links to either store to down the FREE app.  It gives you access to your profile, you can link other family members and with just a few clicks renew everyone's prescriptions.  You can even…



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At 4PM Monday the 11th we will be BACK OPEN.  Our delivery services are still suspended at this time but the doors are open and the lights are on!   Hope you all made it through as easy as…


Night Owl's

RX Mobile App

Request Refills

Request refills for yourself or add other family members and take care of them all from one account.

Set Reminders

Can't remember to take your pills on time? Use this function to set reminders for any drug on your profle to alert you multiple times a day, week, month or even a single event. This function will even chime your iWatch when it's time for a dose!

Profile Access

Use this function to browse through your medication history. Very helpful if a new doctor asks what meds your taking.
Ensure we have all your drug allergies listed on file.
Get a snapshot of your prescription insurance we have for you.
Manage your family members.

Quick Call

Our quick contact page. Tap for easy access to our phone number, email or visit our website. Our location is also shown on the map for quick reference!